Saturday, April 21, 2012

Two In a Jersey

Another in an endless series of fine Grimpin' days brought out Mama, Diesel, Birdman, Fat Cat and the return of Goldfish. Just to spice things up a bit, Fat Cat and Birdman trotted out a tandem, even though they had never ridden one together before. It promised to be quite the spectacle, well- even more a spectacle than two men in spandex, one polka-dotted, bound together by an aluminum pipe.
 So, everyone knows that a tandem is hopelessly slow uphill. Thus Fatty and Birdman were resigned to a future of clumsily trudging up Snake Hill and into Masontown followed by being asked to take the podium photo. But, au contraire mon freire...s. The tandem sung beneath the two riders who were seemingly born to it. It followed only the lithe and feather-like goldfish up to the WMA sign and was just behind him on the next rise. After that, four pounding pistons pumped in unison leading a grim procession of chasers. Diesel hung on gamely until the little downhill after Mayfield, at which time the combined heft of Birdman and Fat Cat harnessed the earths gravity like a spacecraft on a jovian slingshot. They rocketed across the ridge, disturbing the mountain folk with several sonic booms. In the blink of an eye, they found themselves alone in Masontown with a 16mph avs and a dual place atop the podium. Diesel claimed the 2nd spot and Goldfish rounded out the podium.
After that the Grimp settled down, as always. The group enjoyed the sunshine while alarming the locals on the Born loop with the site of two "funny fellows" on a bicycle built for two. The tandem hit a white knuckle 54 mph down Summer School before the Grimpeurs went their separate ways in Sabraton.

Fat Cat: 13
Mama: 11
Birdman: 11
Diesel: 9
Goldfish: 3
Highlander: 1

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