Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grimpeurs Storm The Morgantown Road Race

Here are the Grimpeur standings for The Morgantown Road Race this weekend past. Excellent work out there! I'll get a race account out when I can. Don't forget Mud Pike Thursday.

Morgantown road race grimpeur results
Gunnar Shogren 2:11:03                           22.22 avs
Don “Birdman” Dickerson 2:21:54          20.54 avs
Matt “Magnus” Kettering 2:22:03
John “The Guru” Bowders 2:22:04
Scott “The Phantom” Benson 2:26:19
Craig “Fat Cat” Weimer 2:30:25              19.41avs
VeloBetsy Shogren 2:33:14
Traci Rodosta 2:33:14
Randy “Diesel” Mansberger  2:43:54      17.75 avs
Jay “Greenie” Downs 2:44:10

 Other Notables:
Nate Annon 2:04:33
Gary Rodosta 2:15:56
Fritz Kessler2:32:02
Stephanie Swan 2:33:14
Marco Picerelli 2:36:51

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