Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mama: Part Duex

The wily one, Brahma Mama, did it again. She outfoxed her fellow Grimpeurs, Fat Cat and Birdman, on the course from the bottom of The Snake to the top at Mayfield. This time she didn't jump up from behind. She led the little peleton from the start and lulled them into conversation. Before they knew it, her siren like tones had clouded the eyes of her competitors. Mama made no sudden moves to break her spell until she crossed the finish and raised an arm in triumph. Fat Cat and Birdman woke from their hypnoses, dumbfounded to be at the finish.

The rest of the ride consisted of a reverse herring loop capped off with a jaunt down the rail trail from Masontown. Congratulations to Mama on her second week in polka-dots. See you next week at The Pike.

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