Monday, April 16, 2012

One Last Ride Across The Snow Line

Four riders lined up at the bottom of the fabled slopes of Mud Pike with temperatures in the high 30's. Diesel, Mama, Birdman and Fat Cat pedaled off at the starting gun with measured strokes. The grass along the bottom land was flush with the green of spring though the skies were a cool blue.

The lower slopes of the mountain were taken at conversatioal pace, each Grimpeur waiting to see who would make the first move. Fat Cat called a sprint from the spring to the next decrease in grade (the top of Charybdis) just for fun. From then on the pace was a bit higher, but still not punative. Fat Cat led the way, slowly ratcheting up the pace. On Baby Bear, Diesel started to fall back and Birdman unhitched from his wheel and connected with Fat Cat. On Mama Bear, Birman made a heroic move and shot ahead of Fatty. He had 30 lengths before The Cat had time to react.

As the shoots of spring began to wither under a thin blanket of snow, so too did Birdman's escape. Fat Cat kept up a steady threshold pace and and slowly rose above the flagging Grimpeur like the inexorable tide swallowing some forgotten beachhead.

In the end it was The Fat Cat of Flanders in a roll across win. He slipped on the fabled pois a rouges for the first time on top of his old nemesis, Mud Pike. He was quite full of himself

After Fat Cat basked in his own glory, the Grimp rode around and down the backside of the ridge. They took on the formidable sister climb to The Pike, Kirby Road, for a double leg twister extravaganza.

The standings shook out as follows:
Mama: 9
Fat Cat: 8
Birdman: 6
Diesel: 5
Highlander: 1

Jump in before it gets out of hand. Special dispensations/ points can be had if you know the right people.

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