Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to justify your exercise habit

The readers of this blog, few as they may be, may or may not know the reason behind its resurgence of late, after some time in hiatus. Let's review.

The Fat Cat of Flanders had, as is often the case, let himself go. It was precisely at the depths of his descent that his wife (being a medical doctor) insisted that he have his cholesterol checked. An ever obedient Fat Cat dragged his 220 lb frame into the clinic at WVU and came out with a bad report card (Bad stuff way high, good stuff: not so good). These events led to his wife insisting that he commence medications. Problem: Fat Cat (being a chiropractor) did not want to take the medication. So, it was agreed that Fat Cat could try and get his numbers down through whatever voodoo and alchemy he chose to employ, and when that failed; he would get on the drugs. Thus Fat Cat got back on the bicycle and back in the Grimp (and gave plenty of fodder for web posts). He also made dietary alterations involving soy isoflavones, plant phenols, omega3 fatty acids, bulk fiber etc., all in the form of whole foods such as berries, nuts, leafy vegetables, whole grains, fish and the like. Basically, if it had been shown in studies to lower LDL cholesterol or raise HDL by a few percent, it was incorporated (excluding things like red rice yeast which basically contain the same chemical in the drugs). None of the nutrients were obtained by supplement pills.

So what happened? In 10 months the total cholesterol was lowered 50 points (18 percent), LDL cholesterol was lowered 56 points (28%), HDL-good cholesterol- was increased 11 points (24%) and triglycerides-which were the only thing in normal rages on the initial test- were decreased 24 points(25%).

So next time someone gives you the stink eye about time on your bike (not that Fat Cat had been subjected to such) or about skipping the cheeseburger for a spinach and tofu burrito, don't feel guilty. You don't just deserve it- you NEED it.

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