Monday, March 26, 2012

Winter Champion is Crowned

Thousands Gathered to watch the coronation of the Winter Champion of The
 Grimp... Diesel! U2 was scratched because Bono insisted he should wear the Polka-dots. However, Mick and the boys came through and the crowd got revved up on geriatric rock courtesy of The Rolling Stones. Diesel joined the band and belted out "YOU GET WHATCA NEED!" while hoisting the Grimpeur Cup before throngs of swooning teenage girls. Actually, our good friend Mario pulled some strings and let us borrow The Stanley Cup until our lazy leader can get a Grimpeur Cup.

Congratulations to Diesel who earned the cup through timely victories and perseverance. Throughout the entire winter season, regardless of the conditions thrown at him, he never missed a race.

Now, on to the spring/summer season. After a long absence, Brahma Mama returned to The hallowed roads of The Grimp and immediately insisted on tackling the fearsome grades of Break Iron. At the bottom, Mama, Diesel, Fat Cat, Birdman and Highlander lined up under crystal clear blue skies. Mama started off strong and took the lead. On the steepest slopes Diesel, Birdman and Fat Cat passed and gapped. Towards the top, the three leaders engaged in some slow pedaling and other gamesmanship. While Fat Cat pushed Birdman off the road and into a field, Mama snuck up from behind and burst up the final slopes to take her first turn in the fabled polka-dots. The three goofs she outfoxed engaged in a sprint for the final podium spots. Fat Cat crossed first for the second spot and Diesel got the final podium spot by a whisker thin margin. Highlander, also back after a winter's hibernation, brought up the red lantern.

After basking in the glory of her first turn in the mountain jersey (and calling her friends from the summit) Mama led the Grimp across Nicholson Loop and Summer School to Kingwood Pike. Another spirited sprint for the county line ended with the same results as the podium filler sprint on Break Iron.

After a quick jog down Born Road, the Grimp hit Zinn Chapel road and Oak Flats and headed into Masontown. All enjoyed the sun and low traffic across Snake hill and back to Cheat Lake. The celebration raged on with soda, beer and pretentious cyclist type foods on the grill. All and all it was a great end to one season and the beginning of the next.

The new points stack up as follows:

Mama- 5

There will be no Grimp next week due to Fat Cat's son taking part in the National Hockey tournament in Reston VA. See you all the week after.

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