Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gone But Not Forgotten

The Grimpeurs gathered this weekend to honor the memory of one who made his final climb into the sky just a year ago. Our friend left this ride around the sun far too early. But, on the Grimp, and in many other places, a part of Kean Bird lives on.

No tears were shed at the top of Mud Pike this time. The Grimpeur's followed only the tracks that marked the good times that had passed. When the first of the riders reached the summit where the memorial was to take place, Boyscout- always looking out for his fellow man and knowing that it is always proper to warm up for an event- slipped out a bottle of "Mr. Boston" brandy that had taken the place of his camel back's water bladder. It had such a warming effect on Gunnar that he requested and received the Nom de Grimpeur, "Mr. Boston". 
When all were gathered and Mr. Boston had been settled, The Grimpeurs gathered 'round Kean's tree and put a shovel into the black dirt. After a bit more digging than expected, a bottle of wine that had weathered the seasons since last Kean Bird was honored was unearthed. The cork was popped and the Grimpeur's glasses were raised. The Grand Pooh Bah of the Grimp spoke, "We drink this wine to mellow and warms us,  just as the pain of our loss has mellowed and we are warmed by memories of our friend." 
A friend departed remembered, friends present rode down the mountain and enjoyed each other's company through the golden fields, under roiling skies, between drops of rain and all across Western Pennsylvania and into West Virginia.

The Kean Memorial Grimp also marked the end of the summer season. New to the Grimp this year is the "Kean Bird Grimpeur Cup." Each summer and fall the winner of the King of the Hill points series will get their name on the Cup. Diesel received the honor of being the first winner for his dominating winter campaign. Also on the Bird Cup is some guy who was there a lot over the summer. We plan to display The Bird Cup somewhere like Jay's hide-away. (Or is it get-away?) The winter season will start in a few weeks, all old points are washed away and the cup is anyone's to grab. See you all out there.