Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Titans of the Grimp

Bet you didn't know about Hill-billy Prometheus. He was cast down from Mount Ventoux for putting fire in the legs of the Grimpeurs. Now he is doomed to labor endlessly up the mountains of West Virgina on a cross bike. Each time he stops to rest, Birdman flies out from his draft and eats his liver.
The Grimp is not just a simple "group ride", it's an adventure. Here the six Grimpeurs who made Thursday's ride encounter fellow adventurer, the West Virgina University Mountaineer, doing his woodsy thing on a fine sunny Thursday.
The Grimpeurs did race up the heady heights of Quarry Run Road Thursday. The pace was amicable for the first third and then slowly ratcheted up as the summit loomed ever closer. Near the end, Birdman took a run, ala last week, and blew up just the same. Rumor is that he is doing it for laughs now. Diesel gamely held the Fat Cat's wheel as the pace quickened and held on until the final 500 yards, when Fatty was finally able to ride him off. At the summit it was Fat Cat 20 seconds ahead of Diesel with Birdman rounding out the podium at 1:15. Thanks to pockets for filling in on the podium shot. Diesel had pressing obligations but still forced the grimp race in sideways. That's dedication.
The ladies of the Grimp made short work of Chestnut Ridge, looking spry at the top.

Fat Cat- 19
Birdman- 15
Diesel- 14
Mama- 12
Pockets- 3
Razor- 1

Next week is the second Thursday and thus a trip up the mighty Mud Pike is on tap. It's double points day so don't miss it. Also, there may be a special "adjustment/recalibration" in order for attendees if the planets align just so.
In other news, The Appalachian Spring Spectacular took place this weekend. Nearly 100 registered riders took to the roads between Morgantown WV and Waynesburgh PA for up to 60 miles of fully supported riding. Several Grimpeurs helped out with sweep duties. It was a great weekend ride. There was even a sighting of The Grimp's wandering son, Talks-With-Legs, fresh off his training tour in Belgium during the spring classics. 

We don't want to forget the bonus ride, death march through Appalachia that was hosted by the diabolical Birdman on Saturday. He led quite a few souls, both suspecting and unsuspecting, through 90 plus miles of beautiful and daunting roads and goat trails. A few even took on Break Iron in the end to make it a century.

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