Monday, May 21, 2012

Back in Spots

The grimpeurs were in fine spirits Thursday last. There was nary a cloud in the sky and the air was pleasantly warm on browning skin. The countryside was alive with color. Another fine day to get the old heart pumping and the old brain cleaned out.
Six riders showed up at the start of the latest edition. They rode from The Botanical Gardens down to the bottom of Break Iron. Since Gunnar has been taunting the grimpeurs a bit about where to start
a Break Iron race, the group moved the start of this round to Gunnar's line (not the customary Pixler start). And, since Gunnar, a onetime Grimpeur himself, posted a time of 13:41 for this course it was decided to keep all times for comparison.
The gun went off and so did Mama. She held the lead through the lower slopes until the peleton swallowed her up. From then on the polka-dot jersey set the pace (Mountain Man did not show). At Break Iron proper the group was still relatively bunched but, much wheezing rose up from the tree lined way.
On the 19% slopes, Fat Cat tried to turn a former weakness into a strength. He pushed the pace and got separation. From then on it was a grim procession of mountain time trialists, challenging their own burning legs and lungs.
At the finish it was The Fat Cat of Flanders crossing the line first at 18:40. Birdman came across second at 19:26. Sandbag took the final podium spot at 20:21. Diesel followed at 21:28, Vanilla Ice was at 21:50 and Mamma finished it up at 25:00.

The rest of the ride was a leisurely jaunt away from the mountains. For a change of pace, the grimpeurs headed across country to Goshen Road, on to Little Falls and down along the river on the bike path. Mercifully, the path spared the group any punctures. From there it was up Dug Hill and back to Cheat Lake. See you all next week. Mountain man- come on back and get your jersey. Gunnar- now that The Grimp has your number, they're comin' to getcha.

Current Spring Standings:

Fat Cat: 29
Birdman: 20
Diesel: 17
Mama: 15
Mountain Man: 10
Vanilla Ice: 6
The Pink Jersey: 6
Sandbag: 4
Goldfish: 3
Highlander: 1

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