Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Littlest Grimpeur

Eight Grimpeurs showed up this Thurday last. Trip, Highlander, Birdman, Ice, Diesel and Fat Cat were all there along with a special guest Grimpeur. Leo, son of Fat Cat, braved the mountains on the back of the Assenmacher bicycle built for two.

The other Grimpeurs refused to attack the Fat Cat duo so there were no points awarded for the climb up the Snake to Mayfield. They all had enough fun watching torrents of sweat pour from Fat Cat while strands of mucous swayed like pendula from the corners of his mouth. Birdman even got into the act by pushing the tandem as he climbed the Snake.

At the top Leo was awarded the polka dot jersey as the youngest Grimpeur at just 9 years old. From there from there Fat Cat and "Thunder Cat" turned around and rolled down the mountain. Thunder squeeled like a child...appropriately...with that pure joy which we seek to regain on these crazy little machines we trot out each week. He even said it was WAY better than video games. The rest of the Grimp rolled off into parts unknown.

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