Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Team Grimp

It was team competition day for the Grimp Thursday last. The three captains, Mama, Ice and Highlander were randomly assigned domestiques to serve them from the bottom of Snake Hill all the way to Masontown. Mama got birdman, Matt got Diesel and Highlander drew The Fat Cat of Flanders.

Seeing how Higlander has stopped and rested on the climbs over the past few sessions, his team was awarded a head start and they took off up the hill while the others waited. Highlander really gave it his all while Fat Cat paced him up the steep parts and gave him the draft elsewhere. There may have even been a little push here and there, but don't tell anyone. Highlander shouted out his heart rate with trepid tones, barely able to choke out the words between ragged breaths, "I'm at 173!" The ever empathetic Fat Cat replied, "Ah, you should be fine to 180." Thus they went, working together,.Highlander was riding like never before. The kid gave it his all and I wish I could say it was enough against the likes of the fierce competitors chasing him. So- I will. In an absolutely stunning turn of events, Highlander rode out of his mind and right into the polka-dot jersey. This even with Fat Cat flatting out, leaving Highlander to go solo for a mile or two. Fat Cat said he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it and was inspired to be a better man just having witnessed such fortitude.

Matt crossed second for his team followed by Mama. The points were meted out like this. Captains got the top points with Highlander at 6, Matt at 5 and Mama at 4. Domestiques got the usual, subhuman treatment with Fat Cat getting 3, Diesel getting 2 and Birdman 1.

After the thrilling team competition, The Grimp made its way around the well worn way of the Born loop without incident. Diesel, who turned back early did text that he was bitten by a black and white dog on the way back down Rohr Road. Fat Cat knew exactly which animal it was, as that particular beast has been eying up his juicy gastrocnemius for months. So, be careful out there kiddies, the pup is not vicious and lets out nary a snarl. He just jockeys silently for position in your blind spot, licking his lips in anticipation of some leg of cyclist. Cry not for Diesel, though. He was able to make it out to the Mapletown Road Race on Sunday despite his wounding.

Fat Cat 95
Diesel 63
Birdman 55
Ice 49
Mama 45
Legs 40
Sandbag 36
Mountain 20
Highlander 10
Trip 8
Diesel jr 7
G-man 6
Hammer 6
Razor 6
Pink 6
Goldfish 3

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