Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Grimpless in WV

Here a few of the things that kept The Flanders Fat Cat off the mountain Tuesday.
Too much paperwork. Gotta keep the stool jockeys and pencil pushers happy.

Too little rubber. Thursday's thrill ride ground about fifty dollars off this tire in less than 2 seconds. Even The Fat Cat isn't stupid enough to take on Mud Pike with wounded diggers. Unfortunately, Aerobinator bought up all the blue Continentals. So, The Cat will have to go black on the back and blue on the front next ride. Black and blue, how ironic.

Two really good reasons. They wanted to go bike riding with The Cat, but a flat tire and a broken seat tube collar buried those plans. Ice cream and puppets saved the day.

The Fat Cat's date for the afternoon. Annie was kinda dead, but The Cat was able to breath some life into her.

West Virginia moonshine at Midnight. That Annie sure did keep the Cat out late. This would have been a great picture with a real camera instead of a telephone.

1 comment:

bluecolnago said...

that's a lot of charts on the desk, buddy!

i have a set of blue contis on the ol' blue colnago but they don't look like that. sheesh!

the boys look like they're having some fun out in the dirt. i loved the dirt when i was a kid....