Friday, July 25, 2008

Grimpeurs and Grimplets

As bad as it was Tuesday, that’s how good it was today. Three old hands and one new guy showed up for the Grimpeur ride on Thursday. It was Legs, Aerobinator, The Fat Cat and Justin. Don’t know much about Justin other than he had a fifteen or twenty year advantage over the rest of the riders. However, Legs did a good job of pinning him to the back with his philosophical and political indoctrination ala Socrates. Thus, at the suggestion of Aerobinator, Justin will be known as Plato. Welcome aboard lad.

The Cat was trying to lay low, still smarting from dragging his companions down with an abominable performance only two days prior. Just riding with the kids, that was about all he thought he could handle. But, believe it or not, Aerobinator tracked The Cat down. Hey, if the guy needed a punching bag that bad, who was The Fat Cat to deny him? Either that or he was concerned with Fatty’s welfare, thinking him at the tipping point and in need of a nudge…nah.

“I’ll try it but I don’t think I can make it,” whined The Cat at the suggestion that they hit the steepest, longest hill in the vicinity, Breakiron, right off the bat. He truly thought this would be the day he had to stop and push. At least it would make for a good story.

Surprise, there was a whole ‘nother gear there compared to Tuesday. Don’t get the wrong idea; The Fat Cat still carried the red lantern, Aerobinator still took the summit, and the Earth still spun on its axis. It’s just that it was fun again. Yipee!

The Grimpeurs braved dogs and pothole pocked roads on McKinney Cave. Only one tube was sacrificed. They picked across the bombed out runway of Burke road. No name roads on the north side of route 7 looped the group back around to Reedsville. Born road and all its steep little climbs didn’t bite too bad, excellent. There was no sprint for the county line. You know who just rode everybody off his wheel on the uphill run in. After that, the real fun started.

With Aerobinator leading the way, the Grimpeurs flew across the top of Summer School road. With every surprised look back, Aerobinator found the cat right there, clawing up his back. At one point he even tried to pull off, thinking he would sit in and rest a minute. No way! After watching him noodle around Tuesday with a wounded animal skulking around yards off the back, it was great to see him sweat. Only when the real descent kicked in did The Cat heed the wave through. How fantastic it was to tuck in and just blast down the road after tearing it up across the top. The Cat felt like a new man. The world was wide open just like the valley spread out below him.

So, it seems that Big Daddy may have been right—it was the heat. Blue Colnago’s wave of cooler temperatures rolled in for today and presto, The Cat was back. Will the Birdman’s prowess in all things bicycle never cease? Of course, there were confounding variables. For one, Swedish fish were flipped into The Cat’s maw every couple of minutes like a show dolphin in Sandusky. Whatever it was, thank you and it’s great to be back—you’ve been a great crowd.

PART TWO: The Grimplets
After satisfying the Grimpeurs, The Cat saddled up with his favorite partners. Who should they meet on the trail but Legs and Aerobinator. The Grimplets were so excited to ride with the senior circuit just like Daddy. They rode in a tight peleton like pros and loved every minute of it. The kids were treated like old hands by the other Grimpeurs. Legs even got them begging to do a hill climb challenge for kids that’s coming up. Thanks guys, the boys can’t stop talking about it. Even had to stop at Wamsley’s and buy them some bikin’ apparel. Life is Good.

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bluecolnago said...

sometimes it just takes a dose of the hair of the dog that bit you to make things right with the world once again, eh?

the grimplets are awesome! a hillclimb? the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, does it? super!

best of luck to the grimplets!!!