Friday, May 30, 2008

Bicyclic Antidpressant -or- Cycloprozac

The rain finally gave out and some veteran Grimpeurs made it out to Mud Pike under blue skies. Talks-with-legs, Lord MonkeyButt, Killer Bee, and Big Daddy Birdman all joined the Fat Cat. The Gang was in high spirits, save The Cat whose self diagnosed bipolar disorder had taken a turn south. Dropping from 190 or 200 miles per week to about 80 to 100 can churn the neurochemicals up a bit. Gotta feed the addiction, ya know. The Fat Cat apologizes if he brought anybody down. Despite the obvious suffering and swearing from the fat one, it was great riding with that group.

As you can see, The Flanders Fat Cat was in his usual placing on the climb up Mud Pike. MonkeyButt, Birdman, and Killer Bee duked it out for the summit while Talks-With Legs nursed The Fat Cat up the hill. At the top it was Big Daddy Birdman taking his first Summit victory. There is something to be said for having a million miles or so in your legs. You’d have never known he biked to the starting gate from Morgantown. The man is a miracle.
(If Tim can figure out how to email photos, we'll get the podium pic he's taking.)
(There it is. Worth waiting for, eh?)

The tar and chip settled enough to spare MonkeyButt’s brand new carbon fiber Giant with Shimano wheelset upgrade much damage; so, the group headed north on Skyline. Along the top of the mountain we tried to show MonkeyButt, who was riding well but in the wind, the benefits of drafting. The paceline held the Fat Cat in their protective wake. Despite the fact that The Cat was decidedly weaker than MonkeyButt, the latter was easily dropped by the former—with a little help from his friends.

Everybody flew down the mountain past Jumonville and into Coolspring at 50+ mph. The Cat caught a coal truck just as he reached the bottom. He slid right into its draft at speed. Having only read about the benefits of motor pacing, the Fat Cat was amazed to be going 40mph without much effort. He must have been having fun because his smile looked like the bug shield of an old pickup.

It was back towards home through Hopwood and then Fairchance, where killer bee broke for home. The remaining riders regrouped at Bullfeathers back country bar and grille for some well earned carb replacement and random conversation. A motion to rename one Grimpeur “The FLAT Cat of Flanders” was made and seconded. A vote is pending future performance.
What a beautiful ride. The day began with four happy riders and one cantankerous grump. In the end, all were united in post ride glee. That Cycloprozac, it’s damn good stuff.


E T Williams 2 said...

Not drafting is my secret training method. I think it makes me faster/stronger in the long run (ride).


bluecolnago said...

cycling aphrodisiac, perhaps?

Craig, The Flanders Fat Cat said...

I hope not, being that it was an all male outing--uh, maybe that wasn't quite the right word.

bluecolnago said...

i see what you mean. lol. too funny.

"the jury will disregard the previous testimony"