Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meadville or How I learned to stop biking and learned to run again.

A guest spot by the wandering MonkeyButt. Couldn't figure out how to apply"Somewhere Out There" as background music.

Aaaaahh yes, the open road called and I fancied myself again, the traveling man. I left home early Monday morning w/ a tear in my eye, twenty dollars in my pocket, 3/4 tank of gas in the Subaru Trucklette and no bike. MEADVILLE! The home of the trusty blue handled Channel Locks still made in PA! The big time, or close to it I thought. The Inn sounded inviting...the name beckoned QUALITY!
The brochure assured me of a fully stocked and ready exercise room and I got all prepped in my finest back shorts and headed down. I surveyed the dank room. No water in the dispenser, a broke down AC unit and a 25 inch TV. Now, down in the Country Bunker of Greene County, I have no TV services. Dont get me wrong, I have a TV, I have a DVD/Laser Disc player and a full compliment of media but alas no wires or satellites bringing me the world, so this TV was a novelty indeed! I tuned it to a channel broadcasting ALICE, a show Ive forgotten in the dust bin of my mind. I looked, A Nordic Track Treadmill, A Nordic spinny thing and a Nordic Exer-bike....I smiled....I can do my Grimpeur duties in the comfort of a enclosed room whilst looking at the still intact snow piles outside my window. BUT..

This sight greeted me. Looking down I saw the crank and pedal lying quietly on the floor. I picked it up and forced it back onto the bottom bracket only to have it fall off just as quickly. I shuddered.
The only other choice was to abandon the whole training plan and retire to the comfort of the converted fire station transformed into a bar offering up dollar beers or to run.
I ran. I ran so far away as the old song goes and did a few miles on the treadmill contemplating my loss. It wasnt Grimpeuing as I wanted it to be but at least it was something.
After the run I somehow found myself at the fire station eating fish and supporting the local beer trade.
I guess a bike comes up w/ me this weekend.

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