Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Climbing Astride the Throne

Tuesday’s ride started out in Cheat Lake at about 2 AM. Why the early start? It may have been the gas station burrito the Fat Cat wolfed down for lunch earlier that started the internal gears churning. Whatever the cause, a Grand Boucle de Toilet ensued. The Flanders Fat Cat spent the rest of the night riding the upstairs lavatory and then to the kids” bathroom, down to the tertiary throne and then around and around again in a commode criterium of sorts. The dawn arrived with more aching muscles than after a mountain time trial and more dehydration than the Death Valley 100.
What a shame too. Despite a morning on the couch, praying for rain, the weather was great. All morning the Fat Cat waged an internal struggle between common sense and bravado. If Lemond won the Tour in similar straits and if Bobke can take care of business right in front of a picnicking French family of four, who was the Cat to leisure about in convalescence? Of course, The Cat is not on tour and does not stand to be remunerated in any form for such daring acts of do. But, these realizations sometimes come begrudgingly.

Finally, the dry mouth, the weak legs and the recollection that bravado in the face of illness most likely started that 5 week cascade of fever, mucous and generalized malaise a few weeks ago, won out. In short, there was no Tuesday Grimpeur ride today. The mountain mourns. We’ll try again Thursday.

Maybe I should've tried Wymps Gap?

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