Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Six riders made the Grimp on another gorgeous Tuesday. The ride made it's way over to the mountains on the east side of The Cheat, but not without impediments.
Construction on the new bridge has spread out to involve the closed roadway so that it is (or was that day) impassable. The constuction crew did, however, allow that if we could find a way around, we could cross the old bridge. Local Grimpeurs remembered seeing a trail that snaked down to the lake from the hillside community above. After a little searching, the path was located in someone's back yard. G-man found someone in the back who said we could pass. After trundling down the goat path in bike shoes, we were met with a keep out sign on the bridge. We promptly ignored it.

With the lake crossing fiasco behind us, the climb of Quarry run was the challenge ahead. The Grimp lined up at the bottom and was up tempo from the gun. Legs paced the group from the front for most of the climb, the normal cascade of words emanating from his learned head replaced by a steady flow of perspiration.

In the end He didn't have the final umph to counter the hangers on who finally attacked. Fat Cat went by with Diesel chasing and that is how they crossed the finish. In a bit of a surprise, the artist formerly known a "knickers", Vanilla Ice, continued his improvement and snatched up his first turn on the podium. Congratulations Iceman! Legs pulled in next after his excellent effort. G-man and trip came in soon after to finish things up. After the fireworks had ended, The Grimp meandered about Rock City before heading for home. Again at the bridge, the East side workers tried to stop the Grimpeurs but softened when told the West side counterparts had already left us cross. At the top of the goat path, the Grimpeurs were met by the real property owner who questioned them profusely, Turns out it was simply a hired constuction hand who gave the initial permission and had overstepped his bounds. The Grimpeurs apologized profusely and the keeper of the trail was soothed. Note that he would not be happy to have bikers hiking past his barbecue pit on a regular basis and that this is not a route that should be repeated.

Fat Cat: 53
Diesel 36
Birdman: 28
Mama: 25
Ice: 20
Sandbag: 19
Mountain: 10
Trip: 6
Pink: 6
G-man: 4
Goldfish: 3
Razor: 2
Highlander: 1

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