Monday, January 23, 2012

A Great Surprise

And, the first Grimpeur of the Month for the new year is...(Fanfare should be sounding in your head.)...

We tried to let Fat Cat's triumph slip away unheralded but his fellow Grimpeurs would not allow it. A heartfelt thank you to Big Daddy Birdman for coming up with the trophy for this month; Well done!

Fat Cat may have won the month with neutral rides when he was off and superior equipment when he was on but his fellow Grimpeurs did not protest, at least not within earshot of the media. He greatly appreciates the opportunity to ride with some of the finest cyclists in West Virginia and to have a little friendly/ grandiosely delusional competition. It may not be the tour, but it just may be better.

Now on to official Grimpeur business. The imperious leader has deemed that there will be a winter and a summer season. Therefore, the current points series will end on the vernal equinox. Mark your calenders for Tuesday March 20th at 9:30. We will award the Grimpeur cup and thousands of spectators are anticipated. Negotiations with U2 as the event's entertainment are currently in progress. the only sticking point at present is whether or not Bono can wear the polka-dot jersey.

The Grand Imperial Pooh-Bah of Grimpeurs has noticed that The Grimpeurs are in need of a rest period. So, in order to have a spectacular end of the winter season flourish and a strong spring start, the next 2-4 weeks will consist of neutral "base mile" rides.  So come on out and enjoy the winter finery without punishing yourself for 30 minutes in between. (Remember, even on "race"days punishing yourself is always optional.)

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