Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunday Comes Early

Five riders made the trip up the pike Tuesday— MonkeyButt, Birdman, Aerobinator, The Fat Cat and a new initiate, Chris Baker. The Fat Cat was glad to see that the joke was finally catching on. Despite the presence of some heavy hitters, the pace was benign and devoid of attacks. The Cat was nursed up the big climbs by Big Daddy, while Chris and Aerobinator spun along effortlessly and harmlessly in the front. No word on who crested the mountain first. Speculation is that the leaders just crossed hand in hand in one big kumbaya moment.

The group wailed down the descent of Skyline to Bruceton. It was nice to hear from Aerobinator that the 6 lbs The Cat packed on in 3 weeks had really helped his descending. A word of warning, some of those 40 mph curves have gotten a lot more sketchy than they were just a few weeks ago. One particular gravel enhanced carver caused some quick movin, shakin and line changing.

About the only particularly noteworthy event of the ride was the Fat Cat’s Mechanical. On the happiest little roller coaster section into Bruceton Mills his rear derailleur, weary from the constant searching for some mythical gear to power ratio that would propel The Fat Cat into hereto unrealized glory, went on strike. MonkeyButt was greatly amused to see The Fat Cat butchering a cadence of 150rpm, bobbing and bouncing like Larry, Moe and/or Curley on a jackhammer. After the little machine proved resistant to any amount of simple pulling, twisting and kicking, The Cat fixed it the same way as everything else he knows nothing about. He mindlessly took it apart and then put it back together. This “ballsy move,” as Aerobinator called it, actually left the derailleur working better than ever. Ah yes, idiot savants.

With the Cat’s bike purring like a kitten, alright, maybe an arthritic kitten, all headed up and through scenic beauties too numerous to recount on the way to the top of Wymps Gap. Seems nobody wanted to head home to Morgantown via the monotonously bland grades of 73. Back in the lowlands, Aerobinator and Birdman hitched a ride home in Chris’s pickup while MonkeyButt and Fat Cat churned up 21 to their waiting gas guzzlers.

All and all it was just another great day on two wheels. It never ceases to amaze, what a fantastic group of riders and rides we have in these parts. Oh, I guess Chris needs a Grimpeur name. He was so quiet I almost forgot. But, his legendary prowess proceeds him. Kinda brings to mind a snake. You know, the way they sit there, all coiled up and quiet like. They’re not dangerous as long as you don’t rile em. But if you kick em—well, let’s just say The Fat Cat had enough sense not to try and lay a boot to him. The best I can come up with is Sidewinder. It’s either that or something to do with sleeping dogs. See you all Thursday for the road and trail edition.

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bluecolnago said...

group hugs for the leaders upon the completion of a climb? super! couldn't be better.

a hammer and large screwdriver will generally fix any derailleur problems.... :)